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Getting to Know Phoenix & Laveen, AZ

Located in Arizona’s central region, Phoenix offers year-round sun and desert beauty to its vast population of residents. Surrounded by mountain peaks and six stunning lakes, Phoenix is a breath-taking place to visit, but an even more wonderful site to put down roots. Located within Arizona’s bustling capital, Laveen is a diverse neighborhood filled with parks and above-average public schools. Whether you’re looking into living in Laveen or a different Phoenix, AZ neighborhood, there are you’ll fall in love with the beauty of the desert. To learn more about Phoenix, AZ homes, and the nearby neighborhood of Laveen, get in contact with Phoenix AZ Homes By Ivonne Bellew today.

city of Phoenix

Fun Facts About Phoenix & Laveen, AZ

Immersed in the natural beauty of the Sonoran Desert, Phoenix and Laveen offer residents a high quality of life. There are many other reasons why someone would wish to relocate to Phoenix, or its quaint neighborhood of Laveen, AZ. Here are some fun facts about Phoenix and Laveen:

  • Phoenix is the seventh-largest city in the country
  • Phoenix is the capital of Arizona
  • Phoenix was named after the Egyptian legend of the phoenix bird
  • Laveen is a park-filled neighborhood within Phoenix
  • Laveen has above-average public schools
  • Laveen is the #1 most diverse neighborhood of Phoenix

Contact Phoenix AZ Homes By Ivonne Bellew Today!

Phoenix and Laveen have featured communities where you can access homes currently for sale, as well as local information. If you or someone you know is looking to relocate or has a home within Phoenix or Laveen that they are looking to sell, Ivonne Bellew, Spanish speaking REALTOR®, can help. From understanding Phoenix’s cost of living to locating the best places to live in Arizona, you can trust Ivonne to know Arizona’s real estate industry’s ins and outs. For over a decade, her premier real estate services have been a go-to for those seeking to move to or out of the city. If you have any questions regarding Phoenix or Laveen, contact Phoenix AZ Homes By Ivonne Bellew for more information.

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