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Can you sell your home if you still owe money on it? What about if you are in forbearance? Can you sell if you have received a foreclosure notice? That is what we are going to talk about today, and we are starting right now!


Welcome back to my channel this is Ivonne Bellew your real estate professional in the valley of the sun!

During 2020 some homeowners had to file for forbearance due to business struggling during the pandemic. Since then, people is waiting for the wave of foreclosures, well here in AZ we do not have that expectation most home owners that file for forbearance are all caught up or working on it. While they will be a few homeowners that will be in a different position, COVID hit hard and if this is you and got into forbearance did you really understand what it was what you sign up for?


All of this is not your fault you did what you had to do at that moment and sounded like a good deal after all they let you not make payments right? But did you read the fine print? Did your mortgage servicer explain the terms to you? The good news is I can help you request your step-by-step guide on your options, is on the link on the description.


If you are a homeowner that forbearance has come to an end sell now while you still have equity and avoid the embarrassment of having a foreclosure notice on the front door.


If you have received a foreclosure notice on your property, or if you still owe money on your mortgage or if you are on forbearance, the answer is YES you can sell and received the equity you have in your home.

Look at the video Will the housing prices drop in 2021 for more details on where we are right now on the housing market.


If you lose your home to foreclosure you don’t get anything and could take up to 7 years to buy again. Let’s have a no obligation consultation please let me help you! Click on my calendar that is in the description and schedule a no obligation consultation or call me or text me at 602-228-9050 thank you for watching I will see you soon!

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